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Other events:
On today: Monday 25 July

11am - 2pm, The Milli Recovery Room. Full Breakfast only 2.50

Full breakfast for only £2.50. Join us for the only way to beat those morning after blues.

all day, free wifi

Come on in and use our free wifi service. Surf the web and have your fav drink and why not choose something from our great food menu

look, sky sports and bt sports

Thats right we have both sky sports and bt sports live here. So no reason to miss any live sports. Watch it in our new large h.d screens and beer garden t.vs
Coming up:

Thu 28 July 2016

Fri 29 July 2016
Blues Assembly

Back in the 70's, three guys got together and started a CREAM inspired band called GBH. It was short-lived but the idea of taking a song and exploring it musically stuck. Now, some 40 years later, they have got back together to make music again ... and to have fun.

Sat 30 July 2016
Diz Watson and Tony Uter

DIZ ‘HONEYBEAR’ WATSON – piano and vocals. TONY ‘GROCO’ UTER – congas and percussion. ROCK N ROLL, BOOGIE WOOGIE, RHYTHM N BLUES. ACE Recording Artist – Diz ‘Honeybear’ Watson is one of Europe’s top blues and boogie woogie piano players with traces of New Orleans, country and jazz, all blended with his smoking vocals. Playing with Diz is the incomparable Conga and Percussionist – Tony ‘Groco’ Uter who has played with everyone on the British blues and jazz scene since the 1950s. These guys hav

Sun 31 July 2016
martin dale

He was a member of the John Burch Octet, taking the tenor sax position when Dick Morrissey became ill, and is also a member of the London based group “Sax Appeal” and Jack Bruce Blues Experience. Martin has worked on the Q.E.2 as lead alto player, backing such artists as Neil Sedaka, Petula Clark, and Tom Jones. Martin’s Plymouth based band has worked with Jim Mullen, Roy Williams, Derek Nash, Dick Pearce, Bruce Adams, Digby Fairweather
Every week:

Tuesday, 5pm-9pm
Firkin Pizza Extravaganza

9 Inches of pizza with a choice of 9 toppings

Tuesday, from 6pm - 8pm
pin the olive on the pizza

Fancy a free pizza? Then try your hand at out new game.... pin the olive on the pizza. Its your favorite kids game of pin the tail on the donkey with a firkin twist.

Thursday, 5pm - 9pm
Chilli at the Milli

Chilli and rice, poppadoms and mango chutney for only £2.50